Welcome to Pweak's planning refuelling-station on the Infobahn!

Refill both yourself and your best friends with planning diginformations:

At this rest stop, you can: Have planned fun!

Refill both yourself and your best friends with the Pweak planning systems

Refill your favorite binarynformation executor (an Apple Macintosh, of course) with Open Prolog. This great freeware (Edinburgh compatible) Prolog offers menus, windows and dialog-boxes predicates; it is developed by Mike Brady, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Use the informadditive Pweak in conjunction with Open Prolog to give planning abilities to your favorite binarynformation executor.

Pweak's planning abilities are that of classical planning (positive atomic formulas, Strips action description, a plan is a partial order, plan modification planning is in the partial plan space).

Not only can you simulate the usual planning procedures of the literature (such as Tweak, SNLP, UA and those that Refine-Plan can simulate) but also you can degrade these procedures in selecting some parts of them, or else build new ones.

To simulate a planning procedure, (Macintosh) menus and dialog boxes are provided.

A Mathematica® package is provided to analyze the search space visited by the planning procedure which was simulated. With the functions of this package you can:

If you do not have access to Mathematica®, you can nevertheless consult the files with MathReader, a freely available program that will allow you to read (and print) any Mathematica® notebook on most computer platforms (and, in particular, on the Mac!).

More than 90 planning problem examples (from the literature and others) are provided.

All the prolog and Mathematica® sources are provided.

Don't hesitate to report unexpected features (bugs, I mean). You can also refill your best asciinformation reader (you, of course) with:

Note these two documents come for free when retrieving the informadditive Pweak.

And when your postscript interpreter feels hungry, don't hesitate to feed her with some great postscrinformations of mine about planning abilities.

Make yourself comfortable in the planning field!

and try Pweak's new home page: http://www-laforia.ibp.fr/~jacopin.

Please, note that on this site, new versions of Pweak appear on a monthly basis, together with a compatible version of Open-Prolog. Please, check the release document to know what has changed.

Author: Éric Jacopin
Last update on Thursday, January 2nd, 1997