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In othercase informations are not available	 The Tutte Polynomial of a morphism of matroids IV. vectorial matroids
 G. ETIENNE. M. LAS VERGNAS	 The history of the perfects graphs
 C. BERGE	 The representation of some integers as a subset sum
 Y. O. Hamidoune	 Subsets with small sums in Abelian groups 
 Y. O. HAMIDOUNE	 The q-perfect graphs
 C. BERGE	 Some properties of non-bicolorable hypergraphs and the four-color problem
 C. BERGE	 On bases in s - finite groups
 Y. O. Hamidoune	 On small subset product in a group
 Y. O. HAMIDOUNE	 Optimizing Slightly Triangulated Graphs
 F. Maire	 On weighted sums in Abelian groups
 Y. O. Hamidoune	 Uniform intersecting families with covering number four
 Peter Frankl, Katsuhiro.Ota, Norihide.Tokushige	 Minimum shadows in uniform hypergraphs and a generalization of the Takagi function
 Peter Frankl, Makoto Matsumoto, Imre.Z..Ruzsa, Norihide Tokushige	 Uniform intersecting families with covering number restrictions
 Peter Frankl, Katsuhiro Ota, Norihide Tokushige	 Covers in uniform intersecting families and a counterexample to a conjecture of Lovasz
 P. Frankl, K. OTA, N. Tokushige	 On small cuts separating an abelian Cayley graph into two equal parts
 Y. O. Hamidoune, O. Serra	 An isoperimetric method in additive theory
 Y.O. Hamidoune	 Longueur des involutions et classification des groupes de Coxeter finis
 P. Moszkowski	 External and internal elements of a matroid basis
 G. Etienne, M. . Las Vergnas	 Fondement graphique de l'algorithme de Thurston,Parallélisation, unicité et décomposition
 J.C. Fournier	 The clique-rank of diamond-free perfect graphs
 J. Fonlupt	 Edge Colouring in Polynomial Expected Time
 L. Perkovic, B. Reed	 Covering the edges of a random graph by cliques
 A. Frieze, B. Reed	 Circuit Separation for Symmetric Matroids
 A. Duchamp	 Strong Symmetric Exchange Axiom for Delta-Matroids
 A. Duchamp	 Résolution de programmes linéaires entiers ou mixtes à l'aide de la forme Normale de Hermite
 J. Maublanc, A. Quilliot	 Points de densité d'ensembles de Cantor
 J.P. Tacchi	 Contrôle d'heuristiques par poursuite ou utilisation d'objectifs flexibles
 J. Maublanc , A. Quilliot	 A formalism with time indexation for non monotonic reasoning : an application to the treatment of a cat and mouse game
 P. Nicolas , A. Quilliot	 An interval decomposition method for solving a resource affectation problem
 A. Quilliot , sun Xiao Chao

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