Flick 2.0

This directory contains Flick 2.0, the Flexible IDL Compiler Kit from the Flux Project at the University of Utah.

[Icon] index.html
The file you are reading now.

[Icon] index.text
The text version of the file you are reading now.

[Icon] announce.text
(7KB) The announcement message for Flick 2.0.

(8KB) The README file from the Flick 2.0 source distribution.

[Icon] flick-2.0-src.tar.gz
(1.5MB compressed, 7.9MB uncompressed) Complete source code and documentation for Flick version 2.0. You must download this file in order to compile, test, and use Flick.

[Icon] flick-2.0-tests.tar.gz
(5.5MB compressed, 95.4MB uncompressed) Additional test files which are not required in order to compile or use Flick. The basic source distribution (above) contains a complete suite of test inputs that you can use to test Flick. This additional tar file contains test outputs that you can use for regression testing (i.e., to compare your outputs to ours). Instructions for regression testing are contained in the source distribution package.

[Icon] binary-kits
Prebuilt binary distributions of Flick 2.0 for various systems, ready to install and run. These packages include user documentation.

[Icon] Old Software: Flick 1.2c (1.2-beta)
The source code and test files for the previous (beta) release of Flick, version 1.2c.

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